Total Quality Instrumentation

Qualityis our middle name
  • Harnesses

    TQI manufactures custom automotive harnesses with your specifications. We can also help design to fit your needs.

  • Devices

    We design control fixtures for automotive testing. We also supply many different mating adapters.

  • Services

    TQI is equipped with over 20 ScanDAQ programming boxes to flash automotive engine control modules or ECMs.

  • Inventory

    We stock thousands of automotive connectors and terminals. Please click here to see a sample of our inventory.

Welcome to Total Quality

TQI is a contract manufacturer that facilitates the assembly of harnesses, cables, printed circuit boards, and instrumentation.

Total Quality Instrumentation exists to provide services to support the future of the Automotive Industry. We assemble, develop, and/or design as necessary to provide our customers with adequate tools for meeting their continuing goals.

We exsist to provide:
  • > Instrumentation Solutions
  • > Wiring Assemblies
  • > Custom Electronic Manufacturing
  • > Custom PCB Design
  • > Rapid Proto and Development
  • > Unparalleled Quality & Service