Total Quality Instrumentation

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Harnesses and Cable Assemblies

TQI specializes in custom harnesses using various types of wire and connection systems. We build to your specifications.

We are integrated with the design and build process creating custom wiring harnesses for almost 20 years. We have seen harnesses become more complex which requires an extensive knowledge base in which we have excelled to meet the demands of our customers.

We assemble custom cable assemblies with short lead times and competitive pricing. Our vast experience includes mil spec, circular, coaxial, D-sub, and CAT 5 connectors. Let us know your requirements for quick return on a quote.

On time delivery and zero defects are our highest priority. All harnesses are 100% electronically tested with state of the art equipment. Our knowledgeable staff works closely with the customer to ensure total satisfaction.

  • Harnesses

    TQI manufactures custom automotive harnesses with your specifications. We can also help design to fit your needs.

  • Devices

    We design control fixtures for automotive testing. We also supply many different mating adapters.

  • Services

    TQI is equipped with over 20 ScanDAQ programming boxes to flash automotive engine control modules or ECMs.

  • Inventory

    We stock thousands of automotive connectors and terminals. Please click here to see a sample of our inventory.